Acceptance of sale.

Orders are not accepted from minors.
The orders that are sent become binding for us only if you have received confirmation by email listing the items ordered. 
Confirmation of orders is sent automatically immediately after they have been confirmed. The response is generally provided in a matter of minutes. In the event of a delay, please accept our apologies as of now.

Right of withdrawal.

The goods are sold in accordance with the provisions of Legge (law) N.50 of 15/01/92 articles 4, 6 and 8, and of D. Leg. (legislative decree) N.185 of 1999. 
As a consumer, you are entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract within a term of 14 working days following the date of receipt of the goods. To withdraw, please send a notice to this effect by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt (specify how you want to be reimbursed). 
You must send us back the products intact and in their original packaging within the same term of 14 working days. 
You must bear the costs of returning the goods to the sender.

Privacy notice.

Lui L’Espresso Srl respects users’ privacy, and undertakes to safeguard the personal data that users submit to Lui l’Espresso Srl. Collection and processing of personal data take place when required by Lui L’Espresso Srl in order to provide the services requested by users or when users decide to provide their personal data. In this regard, the privacy policy provides an account of the manners and characteristics of the procedures of collection and processing of users’ personal data. Lui L’Espresso Srl processes the personal data provided by users in accordance with regulations currently in force.

Collecting personal data.

The term, personal data refers to any information that may be used to identify an individual, company, or other entity. Merely by way of illustration, such data includes − this list not being exhaustive − name and surname, email address, a postal address or another address at a concrete location, other information required to contact the user, qualifications, date of birth, gender, job, commercial activity, personal interests, and other information required to provide the user with the services that he/she has requested.

Users navigate the Lui L’Espresso Srl site anonymously, unless they request that Lui L’Espresso Srl memorise the identification provided when registering, and the password. Lui L’Espresso Srl records the user’s IP address (the Internet Protocol is the Internet address of the user’s computer) in order to understand which areas of the site users visit, and the length of time of their visits, in accordance with regulations regarding protection of personal data in force. In any case, Lui L’Espresso Srl never collates users’ IP addresses with other personal information regarding users without duly informing these users of such processing and following their consent to the same. The said processing only regards users who have registered at the Lui L’Espresso Srl site. As with many other web sites that are services-oriented in their character and contents, the Lui L’Espresso Srl site may use standard “cookie” technology in order to understand how the site is used.

Lui L’Espresso Srl collects the personal data of users who register at the www.luiespresso.com site in order to issue the account that customers will require in order to have access to certain Lui L’Espresso Srl products or services.

Confirmation of registering at the site automatically entails subscription to the Lui l’Espresso newsletter. Customers can, at any time, ask to be removed from the list of subscribers.

Transmission of personal data.

Whenever it collects personal data, Lui L’Espresso Srl informs users of the reasons for doing so and requests the users’ consent when this is required. Excepting the few circumstances set forth below in the section, “Ambit of transmission and divulging of personal data”, Lui L’Espresso Srl does not transmit users’ personal data to third parties without the users’ consent,

When users decide to provide their own personal data, Lui L’Espresso Srl shall be able to transmit them within the ambit of the company or to third parties providing services to Lui L’Espresso Srl, strictly on condition that acquisition of the data is necessary for the parties to carry out the tasks assigned to them, and, where necessary, with the users’ permission.

The reasons for, and modes of, processing collected data.

Generally speaking, Lui L’Espresso Srl processes the personal data of users in order to meet requests for specific products or services and customise users’ visits to the site, or to provide users with updates on the latest developments regarding the services provided, or with other information that the company believes will be of interest to users. The information is produced by Lui L’Espresso Srl or its partners. These procedures provide a better understanding of the needs of users, thus improving services provision. Lui L’Espresso Srl processes the personal data of users for the above reasons, and in compliance with the personal data protection regulations in force. 

Ambit of transmission and divulging of personal data.

With the exceptions set forth below, the personal data of users cannot be transmitted to parties extraneous to Lui L’Espresso Srl without the consent of the parties concerned.

Within the ambit of Lui L’Espresso Srl’s organisation, the data is stored on controlled servers to which access is restricted in accordance with the provisions of the personal data protection regulations in force.

Lui L’Espresso Srl may transmit users’ personal data to third parties in the following circumstances: when the party concerned has issued consent for transmission; when personal data must be transmitted in order that the product or service requested by the user be provided, or when it is required by third parties operating on behalf of Lui L’Espresso Srl to provide the product or service requested by the user (Lui L’Espresso Srl shall transmit to these parties only the information required for the service to be rendered, and the said parties are forbidden to process the data for other purposes). Transmission may also take place in order to provide users with information that Lui L’Espresso Srl considers of interest to them, information which is provided by the company and other entities linked to the company (users can at any time request that provision of such information be discontinued).

Users’ rights, user account.

If the customer is a registered user, he/she may access his/her personal data via the page with these data. These users may request that their account be deleted and that divulging of their electronic mail or, generally speaking, their profiles be limited. To request that their Lui L’Espresso Srl account or any other personal data be deleted, users must send an email to this effect to the address, info@luiespresso.com. 

Data security.

The information concerning users’ accounts is password-protected to ensure user confidentiality and security. Lui L’Espresso Srl implements all security measures and physical, electronic, and organisational procedures required as per the regulations currently in force. Lui L’Espresso Srl uses standard SSL encryption systems in certain areas of its web site in order to enhance data-transmission security. 

Sites of third parties.

The Lui L’Espresso Srl web site includes links to other sites. Lui L’Espresso Srl does not share its users’ personal data with these sites and cannot be held liable for the practices of the said sites in regard to manners of protection and processing of personal data. Lui L’Espresso Srl advises users to examine the privacy policies of these third-party sites to familiarise themselves with the manners in which they process and collect personal data. 

Modifications of privacy policy.

Lui L’Espresso Srl shall, from time to time, modify the privacy policy herein. When Lui L’Espresso Srl effects substantial changes to the manners of treatment of users’ personal data, it shall duly display a notice to this effect on its web site. 

Queries or suggestions.

For queries, or if doubts remain, concerning the manners of collection, use, processing, transmission, or divulging of their personal data, users may send an email to the following address, info@luiespresso.com

Legal notes.

Accessing the web site pages implies acceptance of the following conditions.
Copyright: the documents, images, trademarks, and all other material published and reproduced on this site are the property of Lui L’Espresso Srl. Alternatively, Lui L’Espresso Srl’s use of such material has been permitted by third parties. The material is not to be reproduced by the public at large.
Liabilities of Lui L’Espresso Srl: Lui L’Espresso Srl cannot be held liable for the contents of the material published on this site or for the use that third parties may make of such material, this provision regarding any contamination consequent to access, interconnection, or the downloading of material and computer programs from this site.

Lui L’Espresso Srl, which avails itself of this site, therefore cannot be held in any way liable for damages, losses, or untoward circumstances of any kind that third parties may encounter as a result of contact with this site or of use of the material published on this site, or resulting from the software used. Any information that third parties voluntarily submit to the site can be used by Lui L’Espresso Srl at the sole discretion of the said company.



Pursuant to the provisions of Provvedimento (measure) 229/2014 of the Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali (the Italian Data Protection Authority), for the purposes of art.13 of the Codice Privacy (privacy code), Lui l’Espresso Srl, with registered office in Viale delle Scienze 6 -20082 Binasco (MI), informs navigators that the site uses files termed “cookies”.
Cookies are short text strings automatically downloaded onto users’ computers or devices each time they visit the web site. This enables the company, on each visit after downloading, to track user’s choices and thus ensure experientially efficient, targeted visitor navigation. According to the function and the purposes of use, cookies are classed as technical cookies, cookies for profiling and third-party cookies.
While navigating on this site, users may receive cookies sent directly from the site, which are managed by Lui l’Espresso Srl, and cookies sent by various sites or webservers managed by third parties (third-party cookies).

Cookies managed by LUI L’ESPRESSO SRL

All the cookies described in this section are sent directly from this site and are managed directly by Lui l’Espresso Srl in the capacity of operator responsible for data processing, in the person of its pro-tempore legal representative.
The cookies are used with electronic instruments for the purposes indicated for each.
The cookies can be transmitted to third parties.
Technical cookies can be used with no need for the user’s consent. They can in any case be disabled. Use of cookies for profiling is conditional upon the user’s consent, which is facultative.
Pursuant to art. 7 of D. Lgs. (legislative decree) 196/2003, users can at any time, on sending a request to this effect to the email address, info@luiespresso.com, obtain confirmation that the data in question are being processed, and obtain information concerning the purposes of the said processing, and indications as to the origin of the data in question, the logic used for processing, and all elements listed above. Furthermore, users can:

– cause the data to be updated, corrected and, in the event, added to;

– cause the data to be deleted and rendered anonymous or, as regards illegally processed data, blocked.

By sending the request to the email address indicated above, users can at any time also oppose any further processing of their data for profiling purposes.

Technical and aggregate statistics cookies

These cookies are essential for the correct functioning of the web site and as a means for enhancing the site’s functionalities and performance. One cookie of this kind is also used to write the user’s decision in regard to use of cookies on the web site.

Technical cookies are not used for any other purposes. They are managed directly by Lui l’Espresso.
This class includes “performance or analytics cookies”. These cookies collect information in anonymous aggregate form, regarding numbers of users and the use that the said users make of web sites (e.g. information on which pages or sections of pages are displayed most frequently and which pages indicate failures).
In order to enhance the service rendered, this class also includes functionality cookies enabling user navigation according to selected criteria (e.g. language, font, browser type).

These cookies are all automatically enabled. Users who wish to disable them will find the information they require in the “Controlling your cookies” section.

Cookies for profiling

In order to provide targeted services or advertising content, to display contents, and to further commercial activities on the basis of the various sections of the site that have been found to have generated marked user interest, Lui l’Espresso uses cookies for profiling and thus to record the navigation choices made by users when using the site.
To use such cookies, the user’s prior informed consent must be given, freely and in accordance with the provisions of art. 23 of D.Lgs. (legislative decree) 196/2003.
In accordance with the measure of the Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali (the Italian Data Protection Authority) (229/2014), consent may be given by users via a banner displayed when they first visit the Lui l’Espresso site. This consent may be revoked at any time by disabling the cookies in the manners set forth in the section below, “Controlling your cookies”.

The cookies for profiling are managed directly by Lui l’Espresso.

Third-party cookies

In order to provide targeted services or advertising content, Lui l’Espresso may use cookies of external sites (termed “third-party cookies”). While these cookies are not managed directly by Lui l’Espresso, third-party companies that engage in online profiling activities install them via the Lui l’Espresso site.

Use of these cookies requires the prior informed consent of users, obtained as set forth in the section above.

Please click the links provided below for further information that you may require when deciding whether to authorise deployment and use of such cookies.

List of third-party services:

If you wish to revoke the consent that you have already given, please see the “Controlling your cookies” section.

Controlling your cookies

The procedures to be adopted in order to manage your cookies will vary from browser to browser. Users can personally manage their preferences in regard to cookies via their own browsers, and can – for example – prevent third-parties from installing them. Users can use their browser preferences in order to zap previously installed cookies, including the cookie recording consent given for cookie deployment by this site. Please note that by disabling all cookies, you may adversely affect the functioning of this site.

Users who are unfamiliar with the type and version of the browser that they are using can click “Help” at the top of the browser window to access all the information they require.

Users who are familiar with their browsers can click the current browser to access the cookie management page.

They can find information on how to manage the cookies in their browsers by accessing the following addresses: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Windows Explorer.
In regard to services provided by third parties, users who wish to exercise their right to oppose tracking should examine the Privacy Policies of these third parties via the cookie-blocking link (if explicitly provided) or by directly contacting the said third parties.

This Cookie Policy may be modified over time, as, for example, in the case of new sectoral regulations, or when services are updated or new services are provided, or consequent to technological innovation. Users should therefore return to this section from time to time to check for new developments.