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Why can’t I access the site?

Are you sure you have an account? If you don’t, you will find the procedure very simple indeed! Click the “Access/Register” link on the top right and follow the instructions. Once you have registered, all you need to do to log in is enter your email address and the password you want.

Why does the site not let me register?

Are you sure you have not already registered? This is the most likely reason, so you do not need to re-register. If you have forgotten your password just go to the “Forgotten your password?” link.

How can I retrieve my password?

Click “Forgotten your password?” (the link is on the login page). You will be asked to provide your email address (it must be the address you registered with). You will receive a new password by email. If you cannot find it, please check your junk mail folder. Self-generated messages like these often get mistaken for spam. If you still have problems, please fill in the contact form. We will be happy to provide you with assistance.

How can I change my email and personal data?

Go to your account record. Here, you may update and/or change all your profile details whenever you want to.

How to order

Where can I purchase Lui l’Espresso products?

You can purchase all our products:
-via our site, www.luiespresso.com
-via our freephone service (numero verde) 800 974 130: this service is available from Monday to Friday between 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. One of our staff will be at hand to help you make your purchases.
-via our authorised dealers operating throughout Italy. Check out the full (province and town/city) list on our site, www.luiespresso.com. Go to the “SHOPS section on our home page.

How do I pay?

Make your purchases the way you prefer. We provide full security for all modes of purchase. Lui l’Espresso uses only secure payment channels:

  • Major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), Prepaid/pay-as-you-go cards, Postepay.
  • Paypal: this is an absolutely secure method for online payments. It enables you to make payments for orders directly via your account. The data concerning your account and credit card are absolutely secure, since they are processed directly by Paypal. Once you have made your payment, Paypal will send us a notice to confirm this. It’s as simple as that!
  • Collect/cash on delivery: Collect/cash on delivery, via major national carriers (service provided only for Italy). The additional cost comes to € 5. You can pay the carrier directly in cash or by bank cheque.
Can I receive an invoice for Shop on-line orders made?

Yes, you can! You will find your invoice inside each parcel that you receive for your order/s.

Are online purchases secure?

Our computer-security research and development activities are conducted on an ongoing basis. This means we can vouchsafe the security of the procedures for purchases made. You may order your favourite coffee in the knowledge that there will be no unpleasant surprises!

Choose the method you prefer, namely credit card, bank transfer (beforehand), or settling-up on delivery (subject to a small supplementary payment).

I find ordering is not so easy, can you help me?

Of course! The procedure is really quite simple.

When you log in, select the articles and quantities you want and click “add to cart”. Check your cart to see it contains all the articles you want and in the right quantities, then indicate the address you want the items to be delivered to, if it’s not the address that you originally specified. Choose the method of payment you prefer, and then click proceed

Access the summary and enter your payment data.

Once you authorise your order, you will receive a confirmation message by email in a matter of minutes.

Can I change my order after confirming it?

We try to facilitate all changes made in the ordering process. Remember, since it is an automated system you cannot modify your order on your own. However, we are at hand at all times and will do what we can, whatever your needs. Please contact us immediately, and remember to always check your order carefully before confirming it.


Delivery times and costs?

Lui l’Espresso avails itself of the services of the main express carriers (for Italy).


We undertake to deliver the products ordered within 5 working days from the date of confirmation of receipt of the order.

The cost of delivery is € 8.00 (no charge is made for orders starting from € 54.00).

Our aim is to ensure absolute transparency. The summary relating to your order will show the delivery cost as a separate item. You will therefore see first-hand the great value you get for all our products! Remember, you can offset delivery costs by adding extra items to each single order.


Outside Italy, we undertake to deliver your order within 10 working days from the date of confirmation of receipt of the order. The system estimates transport costs according to parameters based on destination, weight, and volume of the parcels sent. The costs are calculated as follows:

  • cost of transport € 30,00 for total purchases of up to € 70.00
  • cost of transport € 20.00 for total purchases of up to € 150.00
  • cost of transport € 10.00 for total purchases in excess of € 150.00

Minimum purchase order: 1 master = 10 boxese of coffee of the same flavour = 100 coffee capsules (1 box = 10 capsules).

You may wish to avail of special delivery terms (urgent delivery, delivery at an agreed time, delivery to remote localities, delivery outside the EU, Extra Weight delivery). If so, please request a quotation by writing to info@luiespresso.com

Custom duties are not included in the delivery costs, they have to be paid separately.

Can I pick up my order via the Goods in Depot solution?

Of course you can! If you are unavailable for deliveries at your address, you can pick up your order via the Goods in Depot solution (valid only in Italy). To learn more, please call us at our freephone number 800 974130 or write to ordini@luiespresso.com. Specify your order number.

Can I ask for the products to be delivered to an address other than my own?

You certainly can! If you prefer to have your products delivered to your office or to a neighbour, or if you wish to send them as a gift to someone else (to whom they are to be delivered directly), please indicate the address of the person who is to pay, and the address of the person who is to receive the products, in the “Invoicing address” section and in the “Delivery address” section, respectively.

Can my order be delivered to more than one address?

No. Orders can only be delivered to one address. If you wish, you can contact us to decide on the best solution to meet your specific needs.


Can I use Lui l’Espresso capsules with other brand coffee machines?

No. The capsules bearing our logo can be used − and are compatible − only with coffee machines bearing the Lui l’Espresso trademark.

Do Lui l’Espresso coffee machines come with a guarantee?

Yes. Lui l’Espresso coffee machines purchased via our Shop or our authorised dealers are all guaranteed for 2 years as from the date of purchase. For the guarantee to be valid you must keep the receipt or invoice you received for the purchase made. The guarantee will no longer be valid if the damage is the result of an accident, or if you have used the machine inappropriately or carelessly (e.g. tampering with the machine and/or failing to carry out descaling). The price for repairing machines not covered by guarantee is borne by the customer.

I need your help concerning your products. What should I do?

For customer care and/or information regarding our coffee machines and all our products, please contact us via mail at info@luiespresso.com or call us at +39 02 84063231

How many coffees and/or beverages do I get from each capsule?

Lui l’Espresso capsules are single-dose. They have been produced for dispensing the perfect quantity of the product for a top quality beverage, whether it is coffee or any other of the beverages dispensed.

Are there any contraindications for use of this coffee machine for the various other beverages?

None whatsoever. All Lui l’Espresso coffee machines were designed to dispense a variety of beverages (coffee, barley coffee, tea etc.) with top quality assured each time.

Please note that, to ensure perfect enjoyment of each product, you should briefly rinse the machine before changing from one beverage to another. To do so, use the dedicated green capsule. In order to correctly use the capsules and for washing, please read the user manual provided with the machine. All products are food-product compatibility certified.

Guide: correct, satisfactory functioning of your coffee machine.

Maintenance is vital if your machine is to function well. The machine’s working life is also lengthened. To make sure the machine functions as it should, you must follow the maintenance instructions. These are also provided in the user manual.

Limescale, which is perfectly normal in appliances that use water, can cause serious problems to your machine. So, every 2 or 3 months, or every 400/500 coffees dispensed, you must wash the device to descale it.

PLEASE NOTE: the company shall not be held liable under the terms of the espresso machine guarantee for machine failure or defects caused by a failure to descale on the part of the user.

How do I descale?

The descaling procedure is explained in this video. This procedure applies to the “Cubo” and “Lui Red-Tower” models. For the other models, not referred to, please refer to the respective user manual.

How do I start the machine up?

The procedure for starting up the machine for the first time is explained in this video. This procedure applies to the “Cubo” and “Lui Red-Tower” models. For the other models, not referred to, please refer to the respective user manual.

What happens if I find the product is flawed?

If you have received a damaged or flawed product, you can ask for it to be replaced with another product or you can request reimbursement.

Contact us at info@luiespresso.com. A staff member will provide you with the details for this replacement/reimbursement procedure.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us by filling in the form. You can access the form via the “CONTACT US” link.

If you would prefer to call us, the number is +39 0238282603 You can email us at: info@luiespresso.com. We shall reply at the earliest opportunity.