Our company is completely Italian: as Italian is the coffee,
made with the integrated system Lui espresso.

The system is composed of our machines, conceived and realized with a modern extraction technology, and our coffee capsules which contain only selected and perfectly roasted blends by Lui espresso master roasters.

Our blends have no equal for taste firmness, corposity and creaminess.  In fact, our experience in raw coffee trading and grain roasting goes back to 1856.

Expresso to us, however strong, long or normal, is only and solely the one made in respect of the Italian culture standards of coffee.

Apart from the Italian spirit, we add the unmistakable touch of the design, which makes a cheerful, elegant or discreet domestic presence as it combines the essentiality of the lines to the expressive strength of the tints.

Lui espresso is present in over 400 shops all over Italy.

This site wants to represent the service quality and attention we devote to all the coffee lovers and our estimators in particular.